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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My New Ring

The photo shown above was taken on our wedding day. There you can see two beautiful rings given to me by my sweet husband. The pearl is the ring Sage proposed to me with. The diamond band is my "wedding band", even though I wore it for most of our engagement. (The pearl is oh so fragile and is not worn all of the time.) These rings make me so happy. I remember before we were married, I would wake up, look at my hand and get so excited to see them there. But .... the cute little diamond band did not hold up and was replaced after 9 diamonds fell out. Let me tell how each of them were lost:

# 1- We were on our honeymoon in California visiting some family when the first diamond fell out. I am pretty sure it happened when I was helping dry off my niece after she had been swimming. As soon as we came home we took it straight into the jeweler who replaced it free of charge.

# 2- The second diamond fell out while on a visit to see my parents in Tooele. My mom noticed a small black speck on my ring and asked me what it was. What looked like a black speck was a small whole where a diamond should have been. Bummer. Back to the jeweler we went for another free replacement.

# 3- While on a walk home from class one day my hand brushed against Sage's backpack and I felt a little tug. I looked down at the ring and to my disappointment, another empty whole where the third diamond had fallen out. After searching the ground for quite a while we gave up and headed to the jeweler once again for a replacement. He then sent the ring in for a closer look. 

#'s 4-9- The ring was put into an ultra-sonic cleaner overnight to test its stability when six, yes six, more diamonds fell out. The ring which we had received a great deal on was discontinued, we were given the full amount we paid for it in credit and were told to pick another ring. 

What might be frustrating to some was so much fun for me! How many girls get to go ring shopping twice (with the same husband, no divorces)? After about a week, of shopping we finally picked a replacement. I had thought about choosing another style, maybe with a center stone, but I kept coming back to the dainty little diamond bands. (I wanted to be able to wear my pearl with it.)

Here is what we picked. And after three long weeks of waiting, I finally have it on my finger and oh how I just adore this little ring.

I hope you all have enjoyed your Saturday like I have. :)


*All of my rings were purchased at Jerrick's Fine Jewelry here in Logan. Sage and I highly recommend this place. Jerrick and his wife are so nice. They work very well with you and have a beautiful selection to pick from. If you happen to stop by, let them know we sent you! (They have a referral program :)  And be sure to check out their website here.

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  1. Emma I am sorry about your other ring but your new one is just as beautiful! I love you so much! Please skype me sometime! or call :)