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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photography and Design

I had a great time yesterday with my good friend Mirranda. I needed some help with an Interior Design assignment and she and her camera were so sweet to lend a hand. Above are some of the pictures I took for fun but I also wanted to share this assignment with you because I had so much fun with it!

To help us understand how designers do what they do, we took a closer look at inspiration. We were supposed to take a picture of something that inspired us to create a pattern and another picture to inspire the colors we would use in our pattern. And then we were to use those photos to design a textile (on the computer) and pick something to put this textile on (this picture could be taken form the internet). Here is what I did:

Pattern Inspiration (a part of the fence at the Logan Temple)

Color Inspiration (Snap Dragons by the Logan Temple)

Textile Design (created from the pattern of the fence and the colors of the flowers above)

End Use (if I were to actually make my design into a textile I would turn it into this raincoat)

And that is my assignment. Thanks for stopping by Boman Made today! Come again soon.

*All images int his post were taken by me (Emma Boman) except for the yellow raincoat which was borrowed from this website.

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