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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Due Date...

40 weeks pregnant and still going strong!
Today is our due date but still no baby. I think he is just way to comfortable in there. My nest (as we call it) is made and ready to welcome our little baby boy. Now we will just keep on waiting.

Here a a few photos of my nest:

the nest

baby bed (my belly tends to get in the way these days)
baby station

baby clothes
more baby clothes

baby socks and hats
Hopefully the next post will included a baby picture! (but I won't get myself too excited....)


  1. I have baby things to add to your nest! I'm terrible at finding time to visit you! But hey, if you have Baby Boy before I see you, let me bring you guys the baby gift AND dinner okay?

  2. So cute! Sorry Noah still hasn't come! Keep telling him that you can love him better if he comes on out! :)