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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Noah Update

At 16 months old this little guy sure does have a personality! He is fast, strong and determined. I love this age where everything is new and exciting and you can just see the wheels spinning as he tries to figure everything out. His vocabulary grows almost daily and it just amazes me how much he really does understand. It is always a sweet moment when he slows down enough to give me a hug or a kiss or pat my tummy which he calls "seesta". Here are a few more of my favorite things he says and does these days:

He has learned how to say please almost all by himself and knows when to use it. It makes saying no a million times harder when that desperate little face says "pweez! pweez! pwee pweez!) It sounds just like pretty please.

He loves to read "bups" (books) and asks for them multiple times a day. Most of the time he wants me to read them but occasionally he does the talking which I love! He moves his head around and uses different tones in his jibber jabber language that makes it look so much like he is really reading. So funny.

Probably my favorite cute thing he does lately is when he talks about Jesus. We taught him how to say Jesus over a month ago as we walked the halls at church with him on Sundays and would show him the pictures on the walls. He recognizes him in every church picture we show him, even the kids picture like you would see in the Friend. He has a picture hanging in his bedroom which he says good night to every night. He waves and blows kisses to him. And lately whenever he sees my computer he says Jesus meaning that he wants to watch a Bible Video. We have watched this same one over and over and over. Easily over twenty times. Just in the past few days. Here is a link to it : Suffer the Little Children to Come unto Me. I really do think that little children remember their Savior. It is sweet to see that in my own baby.

Check those videos out sometime if you have not already. They are very well done. I will try to figure out how to post an embedded video here soon. It has been quite a while since I have done that and I can not remember how anymore. 

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