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Friday, November 11, 2011

So ready for a weekend.

It sure has been a busy week. And Fridays are always the busiest of them all. Want to know how I spent my day today?

6:00 am - wake up
6:10 am- study for Chemistry exam
8:00 am - say good bye to Sage as he head up to Campus
8:15 am -  get ready for the day
9:00 am - head up to campus
9:30 am - take Chemistry test, very hard,  not expecting a great grade
10:30 am - sewing class, working on a pair of dress pants
12:30 pm - leave sewing class a few minutes late
12:40 pm - arrive to work (the engineering computer lab on campus) a few minutes late
1:30 pm - leave work, eat lunch (cottage cheese with peaches, yummy)
2:00 pm - back in sewing room fixing a mistake on pants
2:30 pm - arrive at cooking lab (we made breakfast food today, also yummy. I can now flip a crepe, pretty neat.)
4:30 pm - leave lab, look for Sage(we have one phone, makes meeting up on campus kind of interesting)
4:40 pm - find Sage, walk to work. Talk with Sage outside of work (have not seen each other all day remember)
5:20 pm - someone from work saw me and asked me to cover them from 5:30-7 (my normal shift is from 7-10:30)
5:30 pm - come to work (study for my online Interior Design exam)
6:00 pm - take my Interior Design (online, and timed) exam, what I was planning on doing before I came to work I am now doing at work.
6:55 pm - finish exam with 5 minutes to spare
6:55 pm - bathroom/drinking fountain break (found Sage in Lab, gave a kiss)
7:00 pm - begin working on my Interior Design report
9:00 pm - finish and submit my report
9:10 pm - shut down half of the computers
9:20 pm - Sudoku break
9:30 pm - talk to Sage (I love Sage)
9:40 pm - begin writing blog post
10:00 pm - finish and publish blog post
10:00 pm - finish Sodoku
10:15 pm - begin shutting off more computers (reminding people of our closing time)
10:30 pm - close the lab (after I gently kick people out)
10:35 pm - drive home with Sage
10:40 pm - arrive at home
11:00 pm - find bed, pillow and soft blanket
11:05 pm - sound asleep.

Okay, so I just guessed what I will be doing from when I finished writing the post until I fall asleep, but I am pretty predictable. That was my busy day. (wondering how many people actually ready it to the end) Well to wrap it up, I have a headache, my consistent Friday night pal. And I could not be happier that tomorrow is Saturday. And then the next day is Sunday. Oh, how I love the weekend.

Hope you all had a great day and enjoy your weekend! I know I sure will!


  1. Fridays are always my busiest class day too!! I hate it because your like "no it's Friday I am done with school this week!" I'm picking my Friday classes more carefully next semester ;) I am so glad that you update your blog and that you are so very happy! I love you Emma

  2. I am sorry your Fridays are busy as well! You are so sweet :) Thank you for reading my blog, I love you, too!

  3. haha! Emma this blog sounds so much like you, I could picture it all. I don't have classes on Friday :) hehe I miss you! I wish I could be there with you, it's hard not seeing you for so long :( well I hope you are having a great Sunday, love you!

  4. I agree, it is hard not seeing each other. I think you should come to Utah State :)