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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Snow, Date and Pumpkin Pie!

This is what Logan looked like all day yesterday. It started to snow as I was walking to campus in the morning and did not stop until I came home from work that night. It is so beautiful! I love the snow. It just puts me into a good mood. When it snows, I find myself singing Christmas songs and dreaming of hot chocolate. It is such a magical thing.

Today Sage and I went on a date. We paid 26.89 (plus tax) for a movie, hot chocolate, and an oil change form the Walmart Tires and Lube center. The movie was Where the Red Fern Grows and the hot chocolate was piping hot. We did not finish out movie though. A little boy came in and wanted to change it to The Jungle Book 2. We let him. Then we went and looked at fabric for a shirt I am going to make. We were interrupted again as the intercom announced "Sage Boman, your car is ready to pick up." It was a nice date.

Now we will begin preparations for our Thanksgiving trip to Montana. We are very excited to see family and eat good food. My family does a silly things called a "sock swap" where we all draw names and buy a pair of socks for that person. We will be doing that during this visit which will be quite fun.

If you do not hear from me for the next week or so, it is because I will be extremely busy with school, Montana Prep, having fun with my family, and eating pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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