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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Favorites

One of my good friends (check out her cute blogs here and here) posted her Friday Favorites today and I thought I would quickly name a few of mine as well. (Thanks Randi for the great post idea!)

#1 Being married to Sage.
#2 Watching Sage zoom down the hall in the Engineering Building late at night on a chair with wheels. (I love seeing him so happy. And I love that he will come be with me on my late work nights at the computer lab.)
#3 Logan weather cooling down. (I love Autumn!)  
#4 Hanes Socks. They are so think and soft and keep my toes nice and toasty.
#5 And leftover pizza for lunch. 

Wish I could post more but I have LOADS of homework to do. Hope you had a great day enjoying your own Friday Favorites. :)

*Leave a message in the comment box sharing your number one favorite thing about this Friday.

Oh and one more favorite: We have a new and improved button!