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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I am back

It sure has been a while but I am back and ready to keep sharing recipes. Life has been very busy the past couple of weeks and I have just not had the time to post all of the yummy recipes we have been enjoying. But I have so many I want to share. Instead of posting them all right here, I have linked the recipe name to another page where you can read it in full. Sound good? Here we go!

Sage introduced this drink to me after we were given several cucumbers from his grandparents. Yes, I did say drink and cucumbers in the same sentence. I was not sure if I would like it, actually it didn't sound good at all, but I tried it and was proven wrong. We both agree that cucumber lemonade is one of the most refreshing drinks we have ever had. We will be making that one again for sure.

This recipe has been named Garden Pizza. We have made it a few times and last nights version was the best, and also the version behind the name. We included fresh zucchini and garden tomatoes in with all of our other favorite pizza toppings. And the crust is yeast-free which makes for a fast dinner when time is limited.

My mom makes an excellent Rhubarb Crisp and has shared her recipe with me. If you have never had a rhubarb crisp go ahead and try it.

"Out of this World Rolls" recipe was given to me by one of Sage's sweet aunts. And let me tell you, they are what they are called. This last time I made them I used unbleached flour instead of the bleached stuff I had previously used and I left them to rise a little bit longer than normal but whatever the cause, they were HUGE! and very yummy. Making them is fun as well. The dough is so soft. This is a must try. Enjoy!

We have a lot of zucchini. Here is another well loved recipe from my mom. Zucchini Casserole.

Lasagna. (also from my mom)

I have been asked to cook sever dinners for new mom's in our ward and this is the most recent meal I have made. Hawaiian Haystacks (mom's recipe). I choose this one because it makes a lot and I didn't have time to cook two meals, one for then and one for us. And it is very yummy and the toppings can be personalized to what your own family likes.

Corn bread and Chili. (bread is from my mom and the chili is from me)

That is all for now. Stay tuned for our Labor Day meals and treats!

{Links are in the making}

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