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Monday, September 3, 2012

If you give a girl a peach...

Sage and I took a trip to Brigham City this past Saturday to attend the temple open house with my parents and little sister. (reservations can be made here) It was a beautiful rainy day and the temple was gorgeous. After the tour we took my family to a local fruit stand. Which brings me to the title of this post. They were selling slightly bruised peaches for $2 a basket. That is a lot of peaches for only $2. So we bought them thinking they would be so yummy in jam. Which means that we needed to buy pectin, lots of sugar, and jars for the jam. (remind you of a children's story?) And then we stayed up all night making jam. Sage washed, cut, and measured the peaches while I added the sugar, pectin, and filled tons of jars with jam. We ran out of regular jars after only 2 batches and still had plenty to go. So we used random tupperwear and even a cottage cheese container for the rest. We stopped after 4 batches but could have easily made one more. (we just did not have enough pectin or containers) That made about 30 cups of jam.

It was a late night but it would have been even later if Sage was not there helping. It was a nice little date.

And we found some darling apples which we also bought.

They were so small and very tasty! Here is a comparison photo.
We have A LOT of fruit at our house right now.

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  1. Mmmm!

    On a side note...but food related...can you send me Sage's recipe for Avacado smoothies? Thanks! Love you!